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Welcome to my website! My name is Sara Back, a dedicated and passionate athlete, IFBB Bikini Pro, fitness model, physiotherapist and personal trainer from Finland. I am born and raised in a loving family of 4 children in a small village called Solf. I am a triplet and the youngest one of them but probably the most competitive one. I have always had a passion for training and a dream to become something else, something different, something big.

I ran track (100m hurdles) and played soccer since very young age and aimed very high. In 2007 I injured my knee and had to rehab for about 8 months. I wanted to do a great comeback but never did.

I moved to Helsinki to study physiotherapy. During that time I found the passion for training in the gym. I loved to see my body changing and how the weight training made me feel: Strong and powerful! I got very interested in nutrition and tried different kind of diets. My body responded very well and it was fascinating to see how you can sculpture your own body. In 2011 IFBB Finland introduced the bikini division for the first time. I was in the audience that year but I knew that this was the beginning of something big. That day I decided to go all in and focus 100% on a successful career in the fitness industry. Except being successful as an athlete my goal is also to serve as a role model to other people. I want to inspire and affect others in a way that makes them want to become better, healthier and happier. I want to encourage people to follow their dreams.

With this website I will do my best to get you inspired. I am on a mission and you can follow my journey here.

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